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Not all Concrete Coatings are created equal. While it looks similar to the old school epoxy, our product is superior in every way. Epoxy never stops curing, eventually getting so hard it gets brittle and can eventually chip, peel, crack or yellow from UV rays. We use a polyurea base coat with a ployaspartic top coat. With our system there is no chipping, peeling, cracking, delamination or yellowing. This is why we offer a lifetime warranty for our product. At Absolute Concrete Coatings, we provide superior concrete coatings for our clients in West Michigan. We have a fully trained/certified team, the best materials in the industry, and durable concrete coatings that will last a lifetime.

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Plus, you'll get a warranty on your new concrete coatings, so you can rest assured that it will last. Call 616-466-7700 right away to discuss our local concrete coating services.

What sets our materials apart?

Not all concrete coatings are created equal! We only install 100% solids polyurea base coat and 93% solids polyaspartic topcoat. What does this mean? With 100% solids basecoat, there is zero evaporation and with our 93% solids topcoat, losing only 7% to evaporation. While most of our competitors have 65%-85% solids topcoat leaving a thin non-durable or desirable topcoat. We have proven results, that the coatings we install daily are the best in the industry, period.

Count on specialists with 10+ years of experience

You can always turn to our concrete contractor for timely, efficient services. We'll draw from extensive experience as a locally and family-owned company to complete anything from commercial concrete coatings to residential patio coatings with ease. We'll guarantee your satisfaction, too.

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